PPS History

PPS has been providing professional service to America’s courts, communities and offenders since our beginnings in 1992.

The Foundations for Success

In July of 1992, two State of Georgia probation officers, (and husband and wife team), founded PPS. Recognizing that the government approach to probation supervision was in many ways flawed, mainly due to a lack of resources, Clay and Alisa Cox created a business and supervision model expressly designed to promote offender success while on probation and beyond. The first court to agree with our new approach- and to take a chance on PPS was Norcross Municipal Court, for which we began providing services on September 1, 1992, and we still serve Norcross today.

By 1993, our standard operating procedure quickly developed into the most imitated in the industry, and for good reason. PPS policies, coupled with the best possible staff, ensure public safety, compliance of probated conditions, while improving the lives of those under our supervision. These are, and have been for nearly 30 years, our responsibilities to our courts, and we take them very seriously every day.

Expanding Our Efforts

In August of 1997 PPS established its internal Electronic Monitoring Division. In 1998, PPS expanded into Alabama, being granted the exclusive opportunity to serve the state’s District Courts by the Alabama Supreme Court. In 1999, PPS signed the City Court of Atlanta assuming 14,000 probationers from a challenged government system. In 2000 we expanded further in to Louisiana, and Utah. In 2004 we opened our first Florida probation office providing services to Hernando County Court and later additional Florida counties including Palm Beach, Sumter, Brevard, Okaloosa, Volusia and Flagler. We are now servicing several courts in Mississippi as well. PPS acquired Northeast Georgia Probation Services, Inc. on November 1, 2016, Judicial Correction Services, LLC on January 1, 2017 and Georgia Probation Management, Inc. in January, 2018. We are currently supervising more than 60,000 offenders in five states, as well as providing pre-trial supervision where allowed by law.

Second to None

At PPS, we understand the ongoing concern with privatization of probation. That is why our standards are second to none. We require a bachelor’s degree and 20 hours of training each year for our probation officers and our Department of Compliance works with each of our local field offices to ensure the ethical and appropriate enforcement of the conditions of probation. We are fully bonded and insured, and our contracts may each be terminated at any time without cause.

We operate six-day, full time offices with case transfer capabilities to more than sixty (60) locations nationwide. PPS companies offer 100% offender-funded models as well as government supplemented or fully-funded programs. We can design a funding model that fits your community’s specific needs.

A Positive Approach to Probation

We understand that for many of our probationers, it is potentially their first opportunity to succeed in life. This is precisely why PPS offers off hours reporting, and life improvement workshops such as the Resume/Job Placement, while limiting our caseloads to a manageable number per officer. It is also why we insist on supervising indigents at no cost.