A corporate culture of knowing right from wrong, and doing right- every time.

Focusing on the “whys”…

PPS focuses on reducing recidivism by attacking joblessness, making effective referrals, and personal financial coaching. Additionally, at PPS, we subscribe to an overall approach to offender management that focuses on the reasons that someone is in the CJ system in the first place. Regardless of the level of supervision, we will work diligently to address the reasons, or “the whys” that brought them to our company’s program.

Provision for Indigent Offenders

Since our founding, our policy has been to provide the same services to all offenders, regardless of their ability to pay. Our contracts state, that if the Court finds an offender to be indigent, we will supervise them at no cost. We then address the issues that contribute to their indigency- joblessness, addiction, etc., in an effort to promote financial self-reliance. Even if the court doesn’t order indigency, PPS officers are also trained to, and may, upon suspecting a probationer’s inability to pay his/her court-ordered obligations, to assist the probationer in completing the PPS Financial Review Packet and, if indigency is confirmed, may report the results to the Court for review and possible waiver of probation fees and/or conversion of fines to community service.